From the bestselling author of Sleepers and former writer/producer of Law & Order comes another high-octane New York City crime drama pulsing with energy. In Lorenzo Carcaterra’s Chasers, the street-smart and highly specialized cadre of renegade NYPD cops last depicted in his acclaimed novel Apaches returns in a new tale of action and suspense.

It’s 1985, and the city that never sleeps is about to wish it had stayed in bed. The heinous machine-gun murder of innocent bystanders in a Manhattan restaurant shocks all five boroughs. The brutal slaying propels the surviving members of the Apaches–controversial, take-’em-down, outside-the-law ex-cops–into investigating a Colombian drug cartel responsible for distributing millions of kilos of cocaine on American shores.

Along for the harrowing ride with Boomer, Dead-Eye, and Reverend Jim are three new Apaches: Ash, a wounded female Hispanic cop who specializes in arson investigations; Quincy, an HIV-positive recruit who’s a forensics expert; and a retired police dog named Buttercup, a Neapolitan bullmastiff who is no ordinary animal but a gold-shield detective, highly decorated for his skills at sniffing out illegal drugs. Now this dedicated team will become Chasers, working multiple cases that will converge into one explosive, all-out street war.

They will face a gallery of formidable enemies: Quinones, a mysterious and deadly assassin; the Boiler Man, a killer as ruthless as he is cunning; Angel, a former priest turned cartel boss, determined to end his career as the richest drug baron in the world; and the G-Men, a band of dealers and doers determined to maintain their iron grip on the cocaine trade–no matter how much blood is spilled.

Fueled by Lorenzo Carcaterra’s adrenaline-rush prose and peopled with uncommon heroes and merciless crime lords tearing through city streets, Chasers proves to be this acclaimed author’s most intense novel to date.


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"A man, holding a cup of coffee, stares down at the body of a young girl at a crime scene. The man has absolutely no business there: he's wandered into the restaurant where the murder occurred--the scene has already been roped off--and starts chatting with one of the investigators. Anyone with even a scrap of knowledge about crime scenes will know instantly how utterly inexcusable this procedural lapse is, but it's the opening premise of Carcaterra's latest vigilante mystery. The little girl is the man's niece, giving a very tortured entry point for his involvement in the case, which leads to a Colombian drug cartel. The man is a former NYPD detective, now one of a renegade group of vigilant crime fighters introduced in Carcaterra's Apaches (1997). Like Burke in Andrew Vachss' series about another no-holds-barred vigilante, the Apaches, all former cops, fight a never ending war against crime, unburdened by the strictures of the legal system ... Carcaterra has amassed a significant following, stretching back to his critically celebrated debut, Sleepers (1995), and his latest will be eagerly awaited."
-- Booklist - Connie Fletcher
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